Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after i sign up?

After we’ve had a consultation, discussed your needs and goals, and have both determined Maximized Self Coaching is the right fit for you, you’ll receive an email walking you through setting up your profile and account within the app. After completing this (and the initial assessment), you’ll receive your program within 1-2 days.

what if i don’t have any equipment?

We’ll use what you CONSISTENTLY have access to. If you don’t have any equipment, your program will be built around body-weight and at home workouts.

What happens after I reach my goal?

A new one will be set! The idea is to continue to strive for betterment, becoming the best version of ourselves. After achieving your first goal, we’ll assess and progress from there!

what if i miss a workout?

Not a problem! The program is built around you, the workout can be made up. The process is focused on establishing, refining and mastering habits that are sustainable.

what if i don’t want to lose weight?

Any goal you’re working toward will be covered in our initial conversation. If we determine the Coaching to be a good fit, we’ll discuss the things you’d like to work on, determine what you want to accomplish, and work to establish habits to achieve it.